If They Can’t Use It, They’ll Lose It

Launching a new app is like opening a restaurant. You want your guests to come back again and to tell their friends. Intertek’s Usability Testing helps you uncover issues with navigation, menu placement, legibility, button size – pretty much any snags or oddities – before your users do. Your service will be impeccable and the critics will rave. Seconds anyone?



Want to make sure your app has a life outside of the lab? Usability testing will make sure it’s intuitive, easy-to-navigate and comfortable in users’ hands for ultimate satisfaction.


You don’t want users asking “how the heck do I use this thing?” right? Of course not. This test makes sure your app is intuitive, easy to navigate and comfortable for complete user gratification.

Warp Speed Ahead

World-class developers know Intertek provides the fastest turnaround on the planet. Our twenty years of experience fine-tuning mobile software – since, well, before everybody had a smartphone – spells peace of mind for you. T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon rely on us. Why not you?

So how long will your testing take? About 1-3 days, give or take, depending on the complexity and volume of requests.

You were expecting longer? Sorry to disappoint.