Time for Your App to Break a Leg

Endurance, consistency and speed. That’s what your app’s going to need when the curtain rises. Let us make sure your app has the makings of a star, ensuring it can scale to its adoring fans without failing, handle extreme workloads and not crack under pressure with our load, stress, endurance, volume and scalability analysis. Want to settle in for a nice, long run? Intertek’s Performance, Network and Load Testing is just the ticket.



Don’t let your app crack under pressure. Our performance testing will make sure your app has the muscle against various load, stress, response time, endurance and volume rigors, and more importantly, can outperform the competition. Consumers are growing weary of apps that hog their limited data plans and Intertek has network efficiency tests to evaluate your app’s efficiency and pinpoint improvements to help data savvy customers get the most bang for their buck.


Looking to make sure your app doesn’t crash under varying load, stress, response time, endurance and volume scenarios? Then performance testing is what you need.

A Smooth Ride

Developers worldwide depend on Intertek to provide the fastest turnaround available – if you blink, you might miss it. We’ve been testing mobile software for 20 years and have all the big names in our corner, from major device manufacturers and app stores, to carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon. If you think testing with us is going to be fast and easy, you’re right.

So how long will your testing take? About 1-3 days, give or take, depending on the complexity and volume of requests.

You were expecting longer? Sorry to disappoint.