No One Likes a Data Hog

App users aren't shy. If there's something they don't like about an app, they'll make it known. And if your app gobbles data, that reputation will derail its success, and yours, in no time.

Intertek can test your app, with the help of AT&T's ARO tool, to provide you with an analysis of how much data your app consumes based on established use cases and relative to specific types of data plans.

This is the same testing we perform as a partner of CTIA in the KnowMyApp program. This program, developed by CTIA and its partners, serves to provide consumers and developers with information on how applications use data. If you submit your app for testing directly through Intertek, but would like your results published to CTIA's KnowMyApp site, Intertek can facilitate that with your permission.

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CTIA and its partners developed the KnowMyApp program to provide consumers with valuable information on how their apps consume data and tips on how to conserve data. As part of this program, it also provides testing to developers to provide them with information on how much data their apps are using, providing them with valuable information they can use to improve their apps and increase user adoption and revenue. Intertek is the exclusive test lab for the KnowMyApp program and can perform this testing directly or through CTIA.


Consumers don’t want apps that hog their data plans – no matter how useful they are. Ensure your app doesn’t earn the reputation of “data hog”; test it with Intertek to see how it fares. Proud of your results? Publish them on the KnowMyApp website so your good reputation precedes you.

Results in no time flat.

Top developers trust Intertek to test their apps expertly and quickly; after all, we’ve been at this for over 20 years, testing the world’s most popular apps for some of the biggest publishers and app stores out there. We’ve got testing experts in 100 countries in 1,000 locations so no matter where you want your app to succeed, we can help you make it happen.

As far as turnaround time, we can get you clear and accurate results between 1-3 business days. How’s that for fast?