The Hottest Real-Estate in Town

A lot of today’s hottest app stores are like gated communities – they’re exclusive, and hard to get into. We know you want your app on the VIP list, and Certification Testing will help get it there.

Let us ensure your app has the chops to take up residence in some of the poshest mobile community hang outs. We’ll cross check it against the requirements for the app stores you want, so your app can arrive in style.



Want real estate in today’s hottest app stores? This testing makes sure your app has the chops, and measures up against the rules it needs to become a hit.


Make sure your app can compete with the best of ‘em. If you’re looking to get a spot in the hottest app stores, you’ll need a certification test to make sure your app is compliant and up to par with store requirements.

On the Right Side of the Velvet Ropes

To make your app a VIP, we’d need to be one ourselves. Lucky for us, we rub elbows with the likes of Sprint and T-Mobile and some of the major app stores and device manufacturers out there. We’ve got locations in over 100 countries, so we can broker any real estate you’re looking for. Not to mention our 20 years of experience on the mobile circuit, so we know our stuff.

So how long will your testing take? About 1-3 days, give or take, depending on complexity.

You were expecting longer? Sorry to disappoint.