All of the Gains, Without the Drain

Nobody likes a greedy app. Apps that fry a device’s battery and consume too much data are like that friend who always takes the last bite of a shared dessert – and we want to make sure your app always has a seat at the table.

Our test engineers will keep your app’s appetite in check, making sure that it’s playing nice with the rest of a user’s apps and not devouring too much battery life.



Tablets and smartphones do us no good when the battery drains. This test makes sure your app won’t zap the power of the devices it’s used on by sucking too much data, so users can stay connected on-the-go with their favorite tools.


If you want to make sure your users aren’t staring at a blank screen, then sign your app up for a battery impact test. This will make sure your app doesn’t fry the device’s battery from excessive data or sensor use, so users can continue loving your app day in, day out.

Take the Express Lane

Developers know that we’ve got the fastest turnaround in town and the backing of some major big-wigs – Sprint and T-Mobile to name just a few. We also have over 1,000 locations in 100 countries, so wherever your app journeys, we were there first. We’ve been at the mobile software game for two decades too, so let us put that experience to work for you.

So how long will your testing take? About 1-3 days, give or take, depending on complexity.

You were expecting longer? Sorry to disappoint.