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So you want your app to be a household name, right? You've come to the right place. We offer a wide range of test options to ensure your app quickly becomes a favorite to users everywhere.

Intertek app testing is fast and easy, delivering results in as little as 1-3 days so you can get your app out there ASAP. Whether you need a single app test, a full suite or customized tests, we are your go-to guru. We’ve got you covered with a full menu of tests.

Find the tests to satisfy your needs.

Quality Assurance

Intertek’s Quality Assurance testing gives you the power to find and resolve software issues before your app gets into users hands.
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Let us make sure your app has the makings of a star, ensuring it can scale to its adoring fans without failing, handle extreme workloads and not crack under pressure with our load, stress, endurance, volume and scalability analysis.
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We develop on-target test criteria that will make sure your app has the guts for a successful future, and when we’re finished and when we’re finished, you’ll have all the info you need to ensure your app rises to the top.
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A lot of today’s hottest app stores are like gated communities – they’re exclusive, and hard to get into. We know you want your app on the VIP list, and Certification Testing will help get it there.
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We’ll make sure your app is functioning properly no matter where it is, addressing any translation, currency and tax matters that pop up.
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Battery Impact

Apps that fry a device’s battery and consume too much data are like that friend who always takes the last bite of a shared dessert – annoying, and eventually, uninvited.
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Intertek’s Usability Testing helps you uncover issues with navigation, menu placement, legibility, button size – pretty much any bleeps that might occur – before your users do.
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With Intertek, you can automatically run test cases that don’t require manual input and get immediate real-time results in a flash.
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Data Consumption - KnowMyApp

Intertek can provide you with an analysis of how much data your app consumes, providing you with valuable information and tips you can use to improve your apps; helping you increase user adoption and revenue.
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