When is Automated Testing needed?

Want to continually check in on your app’s operations but need a break? Automated testing takes manual work out of the equation. Set up tests to run proactively so you get the results you want, without lifting a finger.

When is Battery Impact Testing needed?

If you want to make sure your users aren’t staring at a blank screen, then sign your app up for a battery impact test. This will make sure your app doesn’t fry the device’s battery from excessive data or sensor use, so users can continue loving your app day in, day out.

When is Certification Testing needed?

Make sure your app can compete with the best of ‘em. If you’re looking to get a spot in the hottest app stores, you’ll need a certification test to make sure your app is compliant and up to par with store requirements.

When is Functional Testing needed?

Do you want your app to work correctly? Of course you do. Functional testing will put your app’s core functions through the ringer. Check this out if you’re interested in unit, sanity, integration, black box, user acceptance or regression testing.

When is Localization Testing needed?

This test is like a passport for your app to go from country to country. Localization testing will make sure your app can globe-trot by testing it against languages or currencies before it crosses borders.

When is Performance Testing needed?

Looking to make sure your app doesn’t crash under varying load, stress, response time, endurance and volume scenarios? Then performance testing is what you need.

When is Quality Assurance Testing needed?

You don’t want your app to tank. And we don’t either. If it isn’t top quality, it won’t get downloaded and you won’t make money. Kind of pointless, huh? This test makes sure that won’t happen by ensuring your app is running as it should with functional, performance, usability and security testing.

When is Usability Testing needed?

You don’t want users asking “how the heck do I use this thing?” right? Of course not. This test makes sure your app is intuitive, easy to navigate and comfortable for complete user gratification.