What is Automated Testing?

What is Battery Impact Testing?

What is Certification Testing?

What is Functional Testing?

What is Localization Testing?

What is Performance Testing?

What is Quality Assurance Testing?

What is Usability Testing?

Does Intertek work with small developers? It seems you only work with larger companies.

What criteria will be tested in the tiered offerings?

How long does it take to test each tier?

Do tiers stack on top of each other? i.e., if I add Tier 3, does that include Tier 1

Do you use a crowd sourced team of testers?

Has Intertek done mobile testing for a long time?

Do I get a project manager when I submit an application to you?

Do I get the same project manager through the Tiered testing option every time I submit?

Are there any fees for test-plan development?

Can you test locally?

Where are your offices located? Do you cover India, France..etc?

What is the price for custom testing?

What other charges are there for custom testing?

Do I get a project manager in a custom test?