Smartphones Steal Your Data
NOV 3, 2014

Smartphones Steal Your Data

Smart phones gobble up 80% more data than last year

Apps, games, email, social, weather, news, and streaming entertainment all consist of the same backbone to make them useful – data. In Akimai's 3rd quarter 2013 State of the Internet report, they included data provided by Ericsson around global mobile data demands:

Our connected world is making a significant shift in how we utilize our smart phones. In Q1 of 2010, data overtook voice as the primary consumption of mobile devices and over the past year, that appetite has grown by 80% from 1,000 to 1,800 petabytes/month. Even over the past quarter, the data consumption has grown by 10%.

This growth is fueled by 3 factors: Smart phone adoption, faster networks and ever running applications. The first factors are natural and part of a normal maturing technology but the last factor is troubling.

As a fun experiment while writing this post, I stopped all of my applications on my Samsung S3 and by time I got to this sentence (about 30 minutes) 16 apps have self started on my phone and are now running in the background, some utilizing my data plan and battery life without me asking them to be in play and without my knowledge.

Data consumption will no doubt continue to grow but as consumers we will need to become very aware of how that data is being used and in some cases how it is being wasted. A site like Know My App ( from CTIA can help by letting both consumers and developers know how much data their apps consume. Know My App can help developers create smarter apps and can help educate consumers on how their favorite apps use data.

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