CTIA releases KnowMyApp.org to inform consumers about how much data apps use
JAN 8, 2014

CTIA releases KnowMyApp.org to inform consumers about how much data apps use

With the new year upon us, no doubt you know at least one person who will make it their resolution to focus on their health in 2014. This year, developers have more reason than ever to focus on their apps’ health. Now that unlimited data plans are virtually obsolete, consumers have to keep a watchful eye on data usage each month. Recently, CTIA – The Wireless Association, launched a site called KnowMyApp.org, which, along with general information on apps, provides consumers with information on how much data an app will consume under typical use cases. We test all the apps for this site, and as part of our testing we use a free, open-source tool from AT&T called ARO, which provides analysis on app performance.

Visitors to KnowMyApp.org may search by name, operating systems or categories. After locating and clicking the desired app, users will find the following information:

  • How the app was tested;
  • How much data is used when downloaded, at initialization (both first and subsequent start-ups to analyze caching), during active run time and during background time;
  • How the app impacts data plans (i.e., 300 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB and 4 GB); and
  • How users can conserve data usage.

Currently, KnowMyApp.org includes test results for the 50 top paid and free apps from Apple and Google stores with more being tested and added each month. CTIA also invites developers to submit their apps to be tested so their results are included in the ratings listed on the website.

In addition, CTIA and its participating member companies offer “best practices” for app developers to help maximize content and functionality while minimizing impact on customers’ data plans and network resources.

KnowMyApp.org was developed by CTIA and its Application Data Usage Working Group, which is comprised of the following member companies: Apple, AT&T, Brightstar Corp., Ericsson, Inc., HTC America, Inc., LG Electronics MobileComm USA, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Nex-Tech Wireless, Qualcomm, SAP Mobile Services, SouthernLINC Wireless, Sprint Corporation, T-Mobile US, Inc., U.S. Cellular and Verizon Wireless. With direction from those companies, Intertek developed the mobile app data usage benchmark testing using the AT&T Application Resource Optimizer (ARO), an open-source diagnostic tool that captures, analyzes and reports network app data usage to help developers create more efficient apps.

If you're in doubt that users care about data usage, battery drain and other frustrating app related issues, there is a great blog on the mobiThinking website that talks about all the ways that consumers can be disappointed by your app - and that it pays to test them, because in the end, no matter the reason for the issue, it's your app they will delete, and then badmouth to their friends.

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