QA Testing 101
This will help guide the project and is the start of documenting, validating and managing your test process.
MAR 06, 2015
Why Should I Engage a Third Party QA Team?
If you have an internal QA team, this is probably the question you pose to the many sales reps who likely are courting you to earn your testing business.
FEB 11, 2015
Skimping on Testing? It’ll Cost You
Developers in virtually every industry are under constant pressure to meet time to market deadlines and budget goals.
JAN 3, 2015
Building a Streaming App? Consider this.
Streaming media apps are growing in popularity, and you only have two seconds to grab viewers.
DEC 7, 2014
Smartphones Steal Your Data
Did you know smartphones are gobbling up more data than ever? Are apps to blame?
NOV 3, 2014
Quality is the New Currency
Think features are what your customers want? Think again.
FEB 4, 2014
Will more App Stores make h(app)ier…
An app store for everyone - is it good for everyone?
JAN 28, 2014
The New Car Accessory - The Mobile…
How will connected cars affect how we make purchasing decisions? Will "fully loaded" mean…
JAN 17, 2014
Security Risks in Your Core Product…
What is the threat to your product - and your brand - if your core product compromises the…
JAN 14, 2014
Internet of Things - CES Edition…
What will the Internet of Things bring to apps?
JAN 8, 2014
CTIA releases to…
CTIA's new site provides valuable information on how much data top apps consume. Yep, we tested…
JAN 8, 2014
Testing Alone Can’t Save You
What testing does do, better than anything else, is communicate when things aren’t quite…
NOV 7, 2013
It’s All About You.
Yeah, we know. It’s a pretty obvious name and not entirely creative. But go on and blame…
OCT 4, 2013
Is iOS 7 Bringing You Down?
It’s the most comprehensive operating system update Apple has issued since it introduced…
SEP 26, 2013