What can external testing offer you?

Your app is your baby, we get it. We understand that you may not be too keen on letting someone else make sure it’s working perfectly. But, with the right partner you can move faster and have the confidence of an industry heavy-weight in your corner. Check out a few of the benefits that await when you outsource your app testing:

Why Intertek?

You’ve poured hours into making your app rock, now let Intertek help it get to the top of the charts with our unrivaled testing services. We have the experience, speed, options and mobile know-how to make your app a raging success. What more could you ask for?

Results Now, When You Need Them

We know you’re anxious to get your app in users’ hands and we can’t blame you for that. Working with an outside testing partner gives you the results you need in just a matter of days. It’s so fast, you might get whiplash.

Save Time, Money & Resources

When you spend as much time as you undoubtedly have with your masterpiece, it’s hard to imagine it being anything less than perfect. That’s why two heads are better than one. When you partner with a testing expert, they can take on some of the heavy lifting so you can stop wasting time, and ultimately money, beating your head against the wall.

Why Be Better, When You Can Be the Best

Working with a partner in-the-know means you’ve got some serious firepower behind you. Testing can arm you with the 411 to improve development at a variety of stages, and those handy results will make sure there is nothing soft about your software.

Get Comfy - One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Everyone has different testing needs, so why not work with someone that can tailor the experience? Whether you need a particular type of test, have your own test plan or have no idea what you need, we can help you meet your goals. Need a basic smoke test? A custom test plan? App store pre-certification? Yup, we can do that.

Protect this House

We turn to experts for everything. Feel lightheaded? See a doctor. Car broke down? Call the mechanic. Want to make sure your app will please your customers and users? Test with an industry juggernaut and protect your brand.

You Want It Now? Of Course You Do.

We get it, this business is all about speed. So we’re all about you. We work with your timelines, your budgets, your apps, your needs. We put you first, just as it should be. This is why we can promise results for most tests within 1-3 days – and it’s usually even less. How’s that for speedy delivery?

Nothing but the Best for Your Apps

That’s right, we get the best people on your projects. We have hundreds of expert test engineers with decades of knowledge and experience at the ready to work on your specific project. These guys have worked with the likes of Intel, Motorola, Microsoft, Firefox, BlackBerry and more, so they know their apps. They’re the best in the business, and the best choice for your business.

Appetizer? Or a Five-Course Meal?

Whether you need a single app test, many apps tested, need to ramp up your QA team, or want to develop a certification program, we’ve got the appetite for it all. We’ve got the ability to scale our resources to meet your needs, and we’ve got the talent with the expertise and experience to back you up. So whatever you’re hungry for, we’re at your service. Bon appetite!