You’ve Got The Tools, We’ve Got The Shed

Sometimes, we all need a little help. Whether it’s a calculator to figure out the tip on a restaurant bill, a flashlight to find car keys buried in the bottom of a deep purse, or a battery extender so we can get every last bit of juice out of our devices, utility apps are so darn helpful.

Of course, if the buttons are too small to use or bugs cause it to glitch when we need the app most, those tools aren’t helping anyone. Not to mention that since these are some of the most frequently used apps out there, they need to work on a variety of devices. Intertek testing takes care of that. We’ve got stock devices, rooted devices and everything in between to make sure your app can work on any device out there. We’ll even test high and low level functionality to make sure it won’t brick your customers’ device because, well, that’s just not very nice.

We’ve got the know-how and gadgets to sharpen your tools. Seriously, Batman has nothing on us.