Get Your App In The Right Circle

Smartphones, tablets, computers – most of what they do is help us stay in touch. How else would we be able to learn about a friend’s big promotion, view a job announcement, send a quick hello, see breaking news, spot a new recipe, gain some inspiration, and dish on our favorite sports teams, all from anywhere in the world? Whether it’s business or pleasure you’re after, social networking apps keep us in-the-know.

But it doesn’t look good when an app that should help you stay connected, can’t stay connected itself. That’s where we step in. With users on average belonging to three networks, it’s key to ensure your app doesn’t get flustered by any differences between devices, users and connectivity. And since we’ve been a leader in social networking connectivity testing, you can trust what we have to say, and what we can do. We even have access to a number of private social networks, so no matter how big or small the circles your users want in on, we’ll make sure it’s a smooth ride.

Help your users be part of the “in” crowd where they belong.