Breaking News, Without The Break

One of the best things about apps is they give us news we want, when we want, where we want. What was the score of the big game? Is it going to rain tomorrow? What’s the latest on my local election? Just check your favorite app, unless it doesn’t work of course.

We know the breaking updates from news, sports and weather apps are important, so make sure your app can deliver them problem-free. We can run tests so high traffic, bugs or poor data streaming don’t slow your app down. With updates changing in real-time, our time-shifted testing will make sure the information your users get is spot-on and not getting held up whether five or 50,000 users are logging on. Oh, and we’ve simulated more than 60,000 games, news and weather events – so we have some serious street cred.

This just in – Intertek’s testing can help you make sure your app reaches new heights – just let us prove it.