The Doctor Is In. Get Your App A Clean Bill Of Health.

Today’s health & wellness apps put doctors and fitness trainers right in our pocket. We can count calories, map our runs or find a nearby physician for that rash no one needs to know about. They can even connect with medical monitoring devices to deliver up-to-the-minute patient information. Yep, some of these apps can help save lives.

So as a developer, there's a lot to consider. Privacy issues. Federal and industry regulations. Depending on what your app does, what data it collects and transmits, and what it does with that data, there are some hurdles you may have to jump to get it into users' hands.

So come see us for a check up. We can assess what type of app you've got and test it accordingly. Whether it's basic functionality and usability, or pre-testing for federal or industry regulations, we've got the know-how you're looking for. We’ve been a leader in the mobile healthcare field for years and we are a world leader in medical device testing. See? We’re the specialist your app needs to make an appointment with – stat.

Make sure your app is healthy, and your users will be too.