A Data Guard Dog

Enterprise apps keep companies afloat. In a world where business happens ‘round-the-clock, users depend on apps to get things done no matter where they are or what time of day. Of course, with all of this activity, a lot of data is changing hands – data that can result in lost revenue, lost intellectual property and damaged reputations for organizations if it falls into the wrong hands.

That’s why you need Intertek’s expertise. Our engineers will make sure your app is getting the job done right while adhering to stringent security guidelines. We will also make sure your app doesn’t crumble under pressure – so if thousands of users are accessing it simultaneously from all corners of the globe, it’ll produce results without a hitch. Heck, we’ll even help define test criteria for your internal test team using existing documentation and wireframes after we complete the project.

After our tests, your app will go straight from entry-level to CEO.